Beauty Treatments


Available in hot or warm wax




Lip & chin  

Bikini line  

Under Arm

Eye Lash & Eye Brow Treatments

A skin sensitivity test must be done at least 48 hours prior to the treatment date for the following treatments.

Semi permanent mascara

Designed to thicken and lengthen the natural lash and can last up to 3 weeks.  It is non-smudging, heatproof and waterproof.  this treatment does not damage the natural eye lash as eye lash extensions can sometimes do.

Upper lash 

Lower lash

Upper & lower lashes



















Holistic Treatments.

HOPI Ear Candles

This ancient native North American therapy, also known as thermo auricular therapy, is a non-invasive treatment, and is a safe complimentary therapy for your ears and sinuses.  It helps relief of the following symptoms, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, rhinitis and tinnitus.  It can also help reduce snoring and help children who suffer with glue ear.

Candles only 

Candles with lymphatic drainage facial

Course of treatments 


h Perm/Lift

Culrs and lifts the natural lashes from the root to the tip to create a natural curl to the straightest of lashes. can last up to 6 - 8 weeks.  

Lash lift, volume & tint

Curls your natural lashes from the root to create longer thicker looking lashes.  Added tint creates a mascara style look that lasts for 6 - 8 weeks, which means there is no need for mascara.   No adhesives or extensions are applied meaning there is no damage to the natural eyelashes.  Conditioning serum is applied which nourishes you natural lashes.

Beautiful brows ( our 7 step treatment that highly defines your eye brows )  

3D dramatic brows ( beautiful brows with eye brow extensions )

Eye brow extensions   initial appointment 

Little, patchy or bald eyebrows!!!  Fancy changing your eye brow shape !!!  This treatment is for you.  By applying individual eye brow hairs we can create you the perfect eye brow.  It can fill patchy eye brows to give you a fuller look and even if you have no eye brows at all we can create some.   

Eye brow extension top ups ( per 15 minutes)  

Eye brow tint 

Eye lash tint  

Eye brow & eye lash tint

Strip lashes

Flare lashes  

Not Just Nailz

for you

Half leg

Full leg

Full leg & bikini

Half arm

Full arm

Back or chest

We offer a wide range of beauty and holistic treatments from waxing to HOPI ear candles












£  5.00

£  6.00





Airbrush Make-Up

A professional silicone-based high definition make-up perfect for brides, occasions, photo shoots or even for an every day flawless look.

Benefits of airbrush make-up are :-

  • Flawless finish
  • Weightless application
  • Allows the skin to breath
  • Long lasting
  • Perfect colour match to your own skin
  • Smooth and natural finish
  • Complete coverage for a variety of skin conditions
  • Hygienic application
  • Perfect for sensitive

Make-up application  

Make-up application with practice run  

Freehand Make-Up

Traditional style make-up application for that special occasion.

Make-up application only  

Make-up application with practice run 

Make-up application with mini facial  

Make-up application with mini facial and practice run  ​​

 Beauty Facials

Our Kaeso facial range is a luxurious and effective facial range

which have 3 base ranges that incude hydating, calming and

re-balancing and can be used alongside specific treatment creams to 

offer a bespoke facial for the individual needs of a persons skin. 

These Kaeso products are free from parabens, sulphates, propylene

glycol and mineral oils.

All facials include, double cleanse, exfoiliate, mask, tone, moisturise

and facial masssage

Hydrating Facial                                                                                                                                                                      £28.00

Our hydrating facial is designed for normal to dry skin.  It's key ingredients of balm mint, cotton and aloe vera have the following benefits:

Balm mint - is organically cultivated and acts as an anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory

Cotton - holds moisturising and hydrating properties with anti-redness effects

Aloe vera - has powerful moisturising and nourishing properties

Treatment time approximately 90 minutes

Calming Facial                                                                                                                                                                         £28.00

Our calming facial is designed for delicate and sensitive skin types.  It's key ingredients are white nettle, mulberry and pomegranate which have the following benefits:

White nettle - is organically cultivated with softeneing, anti-itching and astringent properties

Mulberry - is organically cultivated and has properties to improve the skin tone, microcirculation and moisturisation

Pomegranate - is a natural astringent with excellent moisturising benefits

Treatment time approximately 90 minutes

Re-balancing Facial                                                                                                                                                               £28.00

Our re-balancing facial  is a moisturisng facial to balance and tone oily to combination skin.  It's key ingredients are willow bark, mallowand cucumber which have the following benefits:

Willow Bark - a natural astringent with anti-bacterial prpperties used to fight skin impurities

Mallow - helps you benefit from ultra moisturising benefits to help lock in moisture

Cucumber - is renowned for it's moisturising, energising, detoxifying and softening properties

Treatmenet time approximately 90 minutes

Mini Facials                                                                                                                                                                             £17.50

Our mini facials include a double cleanse, tone, moisturise and a mini facial massage and is a nice lunchtime treat.

Available in hydrating, calming and re-balancing..

Treatment time  30 - 40  minutes